Oct 04 2006

Which Claim Is A Fordham Lie?

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Kirk Fordham seems to be speaking out of both sides of his mouth today. Earlier today he had this to say about Rep Mark Foley’s inappropriate actions: [H/T Reader Redbird]

Reynolds’ chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, a past aide to former GOP Rep. Mark Foley of Florida, described his role in advising Foley as the scandal unfolded, but insisted he had “no inkling” of any sexual come-ons Foley made to teenage boys – and said Foley quickly admitted to him the messages were “probably” his.

“I was still pretty shell shocked myself,” Fordham said of the day he learned about the messages. “This was someone I had worked for 10 years. I had no inkling that this kind of blatantly reckless – just obscene – behavior was going on behind our backs.”

Fordham said he will cooperate with a federal investigation into Foley’s conduct, and has hired a lawyer, but said he had no direct knowledge of criminal misdeeds by his former boss.

And now Fordham is trying to claim he tried to alert House Leadership 3 years ago about the situation that just this morning was stunning news to him:

Kirk Fordham, former chief of staff for Foley, told ABC News today that sometime in late 2003, he told the Speaker’s chief of staff that Foley was getting too close to young male pages.

Fordham says the Speaker’s aide, Scott Palmer, then met with Foley. Fordham also said the Speaker knew about the meeting.

Fordham says there had been a series of warnings from page supervisors that Foley was spending too much time with the pages in ways that were inappropriate and would not stop.

Clearly Fordham is a liar since both statements cannot be true. And the fact he has been linked to John Aravosis and Mike Rogers as being one of their sources then it is very likely Fordham was one of those who hid possible criminal acts and left people exposed to predation. (Yes, I know we have no idea these were consenting adults, but let’s play this issue where it lies right now – shall we?). When will the media publicize they are reporting as fact something that the same source contradicted hours earlier in the day? Their BDS is blinding them to the pending train wreck.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Unless he can come up with something to back up his claim he talked to Hastert, why believe it? Does he have notes, a journal, a witness, anything?

  2. patrick neid says:

    as more and more info points to this being a “crew” hit peice funneled thru ABC’s mr ross, drudge is now reporting that the ex-page in 2003 was over 18 at the time of the IM’s. while the lynch mob might not care about that detail, legally it changes everything. to date, and this is subject to change, no one has said that foley ever, ever touched or behaved badly with any pages in DC. was he a doting aunt or a congressional “queen” absolutely. but you don’t throw a rope over a limb for that when it comes to the speaker–a good attorney will say you can’t even do that to foley.

    on a separate not i’d like to know if foley continued to troll underage ex pages–like the one in IA after he was verbally spanked by the speaker’s office.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    At any event, right now the election campaign the gent is working at must be fending off reporters ten deep to get a statement from him