Jun 27 2005

The Great Democrat Schism

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Or should that be schizoid? Michael Barone has a great piece out today (hat tip RealClearPolitics) on the divide inside the democrat party and how it is getting larger. A must read, since I believe the democrat party will not be able to sustain itself into 2008.

One reason that the Democrats are squawking so much about Rove’s attack on “liberals” is that he has put the focus on a fundamental split in the Democratic Party — a split among its politicians and its voters.

On the one hand, there are those who believe that this is a fundamentally good country and want to see success in Iraq. On the other hand, there are those who believe this is a fundamentally bad country and want more than anything else to see George W. Bush fail.

Those who do not think this split is real should consult the responses to pollster Scott Rasmussen’s question last year. About two-thirds of Americans agreed that the United States is a fair and decent country. Virtually all Bush voters agreed. Kerry voters were split down the middle.

And Democrats are watching with glee as Bush’s job approval stays stuck below 50 percent. But a party that happily allies itself with the likes of moveon.org and many of whose leading members have lost the ability to distinguish between opposition to an incumbent administration and rooting for our nation’s enemies has got serious problems. Especially when it is called on again, as it will be sooner or later, to govern.

I think because the democrat party has been around for centuries we somehow cannot fathom it disappearing. But a party which cannot distinguish between political opposition and rooting that our people die so they can be proven right, cannot survive. All the scenarios the left have for ‘being right’ include our surrender, our failure and imply many, many victims. So they cannot be right, it cannot be allowed. And they do not have to be right. Their dire predictions are not pre-ordained. The left’s doom and gloom scenarios are simply a way for them to stop the slide if liberal ideology into the dustbin of history. But only the left is so emotionally connected to that dying ideology that they would sacrifice our country for it. The rest of us can find new ideas, new solutions and a new future for our country. And if it means no Democrat party, so be it.

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  1. ranVOX says:

    Fundamental Split Among Democrats

    And that is the problem with the Democratic Party, in my opinion. No one seems to know what they believe, except that Bush is the bad guy. In 2008, there won’t be a Bush to kick around – so where does that leave the party of anti-Bush?

    Enjoy the p…