Aug 11 2006

Medved Nails It

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A must read by Michael Medved – absolutely brilliant! Here is a sample:

After this week, it will be far more difficult for anyone with an IQ above room temperature to credit inane notions such as —

2) THE THREAT TO CIVIL LIBERTIES BY GOVERNMENTAL OVER-REACTION TO TERRORISM IS MORE MENACING THAN TERRORISM ITSELF. Imagining the devastating impact of a plot intended to blow up 10 airliners, killing some 3,500 innocent people, should remind everyone that mass murder remains an even more troubling prospect than governmental authorities monitoring international phone conversations by suspected terrorists.

…the international Left will no doubt assert that the entire story amounts to a distraction from the “real issues” (like global warming, raising the minimum wage, sanctioning gay marriage, getting justice for the martyred Valerie Plame, dancing on Ken Lay’s grave, and providing government health care for all).

All his points are spot on like this, and they all point to Ned Lamont’s deranged suppporters.

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  1. dgf says:

    AJ —

    I’m sure there are many points which might profitably be made with respect to the Medved piece, and your proclamation of “all his points” being “spot on”.

    What most caught my eye, however, was your apparent judgment and declaration that Ned Lamont’s supporters are all “deranged”. (I assume this is what you meant, rather than implying that some [unidentified Lamont supporters] are, and some [unidentified Lamont supporters] are not, deranged, and that you were carefully limiting your remarks to the [unidentified] unhappy subset which were deranged).

    Don’t you find that such epithets do not generally add anything of substance to civil and productive discourse? And that that is in fact the case here. Why do so many bloggers and commentators on blogs, both on the right and on the left, make such ridiculous, obviously false and hence meaningless pronouncements ?

    Without excusing anyone, I expect that it is in large part because the body politic in this nation has become incredibly polarized.

    And here (yes, I’ve finally gotten to my main point) is where I find this post so interesting – in its theme and approbation and in its language, especially when juxtaposed against your very next post — where you espouse support for a centrist (a less extreme and less polarized) approach and politics. I expect you catch my drift here, which is, after all, just an observation or two, and “food for thought”.

  2. AJStrata says:


    No I am quite certain all Lamont supporters are deranged or delusional. You forget – I used to be a democrat.

  3. AJStrata says:


    BTW – your attempt at projecting a superior intellect is both perposterous and irrelevant. But quite entertaining.

  4. dgf says:

    AJ —

    LOL. Ah, the famous Strata “High Flighing Political Debate” ! Well, you can lead a horse to water . . .

  5. AJStrata says:


    I am glad we had so much fun at your expense. Of course, for all your dodging around your point and sneaking up on what you had to say, you ended up with…..


    There are two ways for you to look at this. First you can pretend as if you somehow you snuck something by all as smucks, or you can dare to think as you have just walked into something you were unprepared to deal with. For your sake I hope you have convinced yourself it is the former.

    Faux intellectuals do not get much respect from me. In fact, it took a lot of your faux intellectual posts to even get my attention. Good job on that one.

  6. dgf says:

    AJ —

    LOL. Majorly. The “debate” continues ! Too, too, funny.

  7. Charles_in_Texas says:

    Do not listen to left-wing idiots. Just shoot them.

  8. dgf says:

    Charlie –

    Now *there’s* an America worth fighting and dying for ! Good on you Charlie – you’re quite the li’l ambassador-at-large in temperment, education and just plain gumption ! Oh, well . . .