Aug 11 2006

“Look At Me” Moment

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Someone, whose career is obvioulsy in the tank, is having a serious “Look At Me” moment:

But Bernhardt, who is scheduled to fly out of New York’s JFK Airport today (11AUG06) is determined to break the rule. She tells the New York Daily News, “When I go to the airport and they try to take my MAC Plushglass away from me, it’s going to be World War III!”

Look folks, this is serious. There are ways to create explosives good enough to take out a jet airliner in mid flight. Just because Bernhardt doesn’t have two brain cells to put together to understand this doesn’t mean it is not a real threat. I have seen a lot of leftie comments still lashing out at Bush and the reality of Al Qaeda’s Jihad against the West. They are in denial. Serious denial. And never forget – Darwin was right. Those who adapt survive.

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