Jul 15 2006

Time To End Islamo Fascism

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The World is at a cross roads that has been building since the 1970’s and the emergence of terrorism in the Muslim world. Brought to the world by Palestinians we, the world, made a mistake of attempting to appease and legitimize terrorists a la Arafat and the PLO. In return, just as a mouse will push an electrode to get a treat, the world was given more terrorism and more demands. The ME Peace Accords where we paid Palestine off for the murderous ways did not work as planned. The vicious circle continued through the Soviet and Afghan war were the West’s efforts to free Muslims was returned with bombings in NY and African embassies. The culmination was 9-11 were I am sure the Islamo-Fascists wanted us out of the ME and were going to demand payment for controlling the oil fields while they annihilated Israel. But the end of this charade has come.

Hizbollah threatens all out war. Well it is time to bring it on. We cannot allow any momentum to build for the Islamo-Fascists. We cannot let this fight turn to their advantage and their terms. We cannot allow them to build any more strength because that will simply require more of our blood later to do what is iinevitable. You can say you do not wish to fight all you want. But when someone is coming at you to kill you, no matter what your prostestations and preferences are, then you must fight to survive. At this stage we (and I mean the world here) can roll up these blood thirsty nutjobs on our terms. Starting with the cleansing of Lebanon and empowering the pro-west elements there. Then we can blockade Syria until the expunge Hizbollah back to Iran – which will also be under blockade as we support one section of the country at a time in revolution of the Mad Imams. Radical? Yes. But if my son and others are going to have to take on this fight sometime in their lifetime, we might as well get it over with now so they have the best shot at success and some possible time of peace when we are done cleansing humanity of these animals. No more Islamo fascist snuff films. No more violence to extort payments. No more targetting innocent people with rockets. No more. It must end, and decisively.

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  1. kathie says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. And the left is calling for the PEACE PROCESS. Have they been listening to these people? If we don’t get it now the next time it will be the big bomb!!!!!!!

  2. luc says:

    The Israeli Navy ship was hit by an Iranian made silkworm anti-ship missile!! What sort of wakeup call do we need? The sinking of the Sixth Fleet? Or has our Leadership decided to fold?
    I sincerely hope that GWB walks softly and carries a big sick WHICH HE WILL USE when it is convenient to us not when there is no other choice and may be too late!
    I think that LEADERSHIP is doing things as and when they are required and not when there is no other choice!
    Screw world opinion because it is favorable to the US only when it is too late: “We are all American” on September 12, 2001 not on the 10th when possibly could have made a difference.
    It does not require a nuclear scientist to understand that when someone wants to kill you, you MUST do it first or otherwise you will be unable to do it. Now, that I think of it there was a nuclear scientist president and he certainly did not understand the equation! And no! I am not Carol_Herman 😉

  3. Retired Spook says:

    True, lasting peace is only achieved through TOTAL VICTORY, not through negotiations and diplomacy, but generation after generation of “give-peace-a-chance crowd” has never been able to grasp this concept.

    It’s not only time, it’s waaaaaay past time!!

  4. cochino says:

    These are very interesting developments. I don’t know where it’s headed. You won’t find a bigger supporter of Israel than I am, but I’m not sure retaliatory strikes are worth it. That’s not to say they are unjustified. I’ve just come to the conclusion over the years that they end up being one step forward, two steps back for Israel. If Israel is going to act militarily here, it should be to completely destroy Hizbollah in Lebanon. Israel is going to be reviled internationally anyway. It shouldn’t act militarily in Lebanon, harming or even killing ordinary Lebanese people in the process, unless it’s really going to matter in terms of their long-term security.

    Furthermore, the shifts in the Middle East political landscape are subtle, but nonetheless remarkable. Battle lines are being drawn and nations are choosing sides in a way not seen since probably the 1970’s. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the fight in Iraq now is really against Syria and Iran.

    People are confused as to why Iran would cause any trouble now (through Hizbollah), forcing a confrontation, when in all likelihood the U.S. is going to be drawing down forces significantly in Iraq over the next two years. Why not just wait? I would argue (not that I’m ANY kind of expert on this stuff) that it is precisely because the U.S. will be drawing down. Iran knows that the U.S. is only relinquishing control over security to Iraqi forces when it is clear they can handle it. When the U.S. finally relinquishes control completely to Iraqi forces, it’s really “game over” in Iraq for Iran. Iraq will have well-trained forces, fully backed and supplied by the U.S., without any of the constraints that U.S. forces have (and we all know what I’m talking about), for better or for worse. You’ll be lucky if there is 1/100th of the international attention paid to how Iraqi forces are conducting themselves, compared to U.S. forces. And these are people with historical enmity with Iran. Furthermore, U.S. forces acting as security forces in Iraq provides a constant propaganda tool internationally for Iran’s cause, and a big stick to beat Bush with here in the U.S.

    No, U.S. forces in Iraq represent a major obstacle to Iran’s ambitions in the region, but the U.S. pulling out would also probably deal a major blow to them as well. They’re between a rock and a hard place. Now, what exactly they hope to achieve in the short-run, I don’t know.

  5. sammy small says:

    Unfortunately “all out war” as Hezbollah calls it is not going to happen on the west’s terms. They are talking about an all out war on their terms, which keeps the west tied up in knots of angst and “peace process” and “cycle of violence” bs. Until the west and/or Israel decides to decide it is time for a total victory, nothing much will change, just the ebb and flow of crap as usual from that part of the world. The end game will be very ugly when it comes. When it comes is anybody’s guess.

  6. BurbankErnie says:

    It is time to cut off the head off the snake, and that would be Iran.
    As noted here and elsewhere, most notably by David Horowitz, Iran needs to be stopped now. Israel’s best chance to at least hit the Nuke sights is now. Will the West have the nerve to join in? Doubt it. Old europe, Russia and China, forget it. Europe is appeasing its demise into Dhimmitude, led by Chirac. Russia and China make way to much money with th Terrorists, which leaves George W. Bush to act, but since his declaration to stand behind budding Democracies, he has done little then wave a finger and threaten sanctions.
    WW III is in full bloom. Lets hope we don’t wait too long to respond.

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