Jul 13 2006

Democrats Propagandize The Dead

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There is nothing more disgusting than using the body of a soldier who has died in the defense of this nation to . The Democrats seem to have sunk farther than I could ever imagine in their latest commercial where they use the images of our dead citizens – who fought for the idea of a better, safer world – to claim it is time to give up on the cause these people sacrificed for. No one ever asked a liberal to go die for this country, we all know they are too busy tearing it down to take out time to try and protect it. But there are lines no one should cross, and this is one of them. You can be against the war without using a dead body as a political prop. You can run around with all your Chicken Little cries that nothing we try will ever work, but you don’t have to do it while dragging a dead body around. These are people who were loved and cherished, they should not to be used in this manner. They should be honored and remembered for all the good they did for the world. One can disagree with their choices, but not with their heart and bravery. The same cannot be said for those who made this commercial.

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2 Responses to “Democrats Propagandize The Dead”

  1. HaroldHutchison says:

    No kidding.

  2. Karig says:

    You do begin to wonder after a while what their limits are. They haven’t yet gotten to making marionettes out of corpses and videotaping them wearing signs saying “GEORGE BUSH KILLED ME” (regardless of what the corpse would have said had he still been alive to speak for himself), but it wouldn’t surprise me too much if I found out they found the idea tempting.