Sep 26 2016

Live Blogging 1st Trump-Clinton Debate

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11:10 PM Eastern – final: On-line instant polls show a huge win for Trump.  But even Fox News (Megan Kelley??) seems to think Hillary won. Guess what – those inside the Political Industrial Complex see an HRC win. Main Street USA see a Trump win.  Who is right – polls over next week will show HRC losing traction.  The DC  bubble has lost touch.  The data will prove me wrong!

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10:45 PM Eastern:

HRC Stamina? That is the last question?

HRC – I have hours in front of Congress.

Trump: HRC had experience – all bad.

10:37 PM Eastern:

Nuclear weapons

Trump was really good on this. He did what he needed to do. He went toe-to-toe with “the most experienced candidate” and was equal if not better. He was not a low-brow buffoon.

On HRC’s side, while she lost the debate on policy and style, she can now put her health concerns to rest (as I stated before the debate).

She will lose this election because she is the status quo politician spouting poll tested sound bites.

Holt – sit down and shut up and let the candidates debate.

Clinton – we don’t want more of the same.

Trump: Let’s bring on big changes in Washington DC!

10:35 PM Eastern:

General Question: how do we stop domestic attacks,

Trump: good answer

Clinton: Something about Trump doing business. Then she blames George W. Bush (really). Proud of Law Enforcement? Didn’t she start with Law Enforcement needs training??? NATO is god, NATO is great. Muslims community is on front lines – which side????

Trump: I need to respond (sit down and shut up Lester). Again, HRC you were Sec of State and so the last few years are yours.  NATO is not perfect or paying their shares. NATO could be obsolete because they do not focus on “terror”.  NATO is (now) opening up terrorist center (9-11-2001???).  The dude is overpowering on details – where she is spouting sound bites.

Trump: You were there when ISIS was an infant, and now it is a huge threat.

Holt: You were for the war on Iraq (not really).  Then he lays out the facts. He was not for the Iraq War in 2003.  Fact check that Holt.

Clinton: NATO Article 5…  Wah, wa, wah, wa, wa (think Charlie Brown). Iran has a lid on their nuclear program????

10:22 PM Eastern:

(10 minutes behind real time) General Question: Cyber attacks.

HRC: Big concern. HRC claims Trump is supportive of attacks. She is stepping into the entire email issue again. How dumb do you have to be?  We cannot stand by and let this happen (even though you stood by and allowed this to happen).  Too easy for Trump

Trump: Endorsed by hundreds of admirals, generals and ICE.  Will take that over political “hacks”. We should be better. Was it really Russia? Who broke in?  What did we learn.  Bernie Sanders was taken advantage of. Who knows who it was, but there is no control.  Obama let control of the internet to outsiders.  Need to get tough on this. It is true across the government we are not performing

Clinton: We have a pwan to stop ISIS from using the internet (really???).  This is the person who will lead this nation?  We hope to “squeeze” ISIS in Syria?  What is “squeeze”? Who is Bahgdadi?

Trump was more coherent, she was rambling.

10:14 PM Eastern:

LJStrata notes HRC gets general questions and Trump gets a pointed question about him alone.  Media screwed up – made a martyr of the leader of “Les Deplorable”!

OK, another break. 10:06 Eastern on debate clock, 10:16 Eastern on wall clock – running 10 minutes delayed

10:10 PM Eastern:

Trump: African American community has been let down by politicians. Used to get votes. He has been in those communities (unnecessary dig for “being home”).

Holt: Brings up “Birther” issue (because the news media has to keep this alive for Clinton). Trump nails it as a Clinton campaign issue. Trump satisfied with Obama Birth Certificate. Holt keeps pushing (and shows him as a Dem shill).  Holt keeps pushing (and losing). Advantage Trump!

Clinton: She is going to dig up “racist lie” started by her campaign. He has been sued by DoJ (and lost apparently)

Ugh – make it stop!!!

Yo, Hillary – we need to get back to 2016 please??? Obama is not a man of great dignity – but of endless golf holes.

Trump: Remember your attacks on Obama – not working. Oh, By the way – he settled the suite with no admission of guilt against “real estate firms” – not just Trump

10:03 PM Eastern:

Still behind by about 10 minites

Question to Clinton – Race issues.

Clinton: Race determine how people are treated in criminal justice system (and – unsaid – who is likely to do a crime).  Criminal justice reform (what is that??). Trump has her because he as the support of the Police and ICE. This will be an easy rebuttal.

Trump: How do you heal the divide.  “Law and Order”. Look at Charlotte and other places, we need this. As predicted, he touted his support of ICE and Fraternal Order of Police. Chicago – thousands of shootings. Easy win – Advantage Trump. “Stop and Frisk” worked in NY.  Gangs if illegal Immigrants.  He is doing well tying issues together.

Holt tried to “fact check” on Stop & Frisk and lost the debate.  Lester, you are out of your league. Trump was able to agree with Clinton and remove any difference.  Fast thinking. Trump schooled Lester on inserting himself.

Clinton: “Donald” (where he refers to her as “Madam Secretary”). She claims he disparaged minorities. It will not work.  Because he does not run police!  We need a Pwan! Why do I feel this way? Police Training???  Mental Health is a Police Issue??? Trump, is letting her rant

Trump: He agrees, watch lists are a bad indicator for gun ownership. But we need to help them get off the list.  Clinton coined “super predator” for young black youths.  Guns away from gangs and illegals.

He checkmated her – advantage Trump

9:50 PM Eastern: Still time delayed. Senator Clinton has not forgot the art of the filibuster

9:45PM Eastern: OK, my first “Break”and time delay

2nd question to Trump on reducing taxes: Trump was fairly clear (he needs to finish his sentences). But Clinton is rattled a bit. And she agreed they have the same policy – different methods.  Old and Busted meets New Hotness. And she agrees she will be blamed for everything (as the defender of Globalism, Obama Government).

Yeah, well Duh!

Clinton: All about Trump’s plan.  Lester asked her to lay out HER plan.  “Smart Wealthy People” know better – bad move.  Trickle Down = Smart Wealthy People.

Trump: Typical politician – sounds great, doesn’t work, typical. In a “Big Fat Ugly Bubble” (Yep).  Day Obama retires to Golf (good line).  Holt – why not release taxes? Under audit (under federal scrutiny) which reminds people of the overbearing government. Will release as soon as audit completed (for 15 years). Again reminds people of over bearing government

When she releases 33,000 emails he will release taxes (against lawyers advise).

Clinton: Bait and Switch (classic politicians move). Now she makes unfounded accusations. She claims he did not pay Fed tazes (Trump – makes me smart)! Something he is hiding?  When will this get back to HRC?

Emails: Mistake?? It was a crime

Trump: More than a mistake.  Emails were done purposely. Your staff took the 5th.  Tax returns are nothing compared to income (and he is right). Fine institutions who would loan to him. Time for this country to be run by people who understand money (read free economy).

Debtor nation without the money to invest. Clinton is rich too!!

Clinton: I talked to dishwashers and architects (really, the same???). Trump turned it on her – maybe we should not pay for substandard work (don’t get me started on abysmal performance – see

9:23 PM Eastern: When Clinton and Trump met mid-stage: Cordial, professional. No advantage

First question to Clinton was on “Achieving Prosperity” – Jobs.  Supposed 6 straight years of job growth (statistical myth). Why are you the better choice on this topic

Clinton: What kind of country.  Grand-daughter’s birthday (she is set, mine our  not). Invest in “laundry list”. Raise minimum wage, equal pay for women (not minorities). More profit sharing (only possible if companies can make profit). Awkward acknowledgement of “Donald” and challenge to be ready to President

Trump: Our jobs are fleeing the country.  China a threat.  Using America as piggy-bank. Mexico 8th wonder of the world, building new plants (for jobs leaving America). Child care and leave HRC and Trump a.Need to stop the loss of jobs to Mexico. Reduce taxes on companies to invest here. Renegotiate trade deals.


Clinton – need to trade with the world.  Need  a tax system that favor’s work.  Ugh – “Trumped Up Trickle Down”.  HRC says she knows more about “investing”. $14 Million Trump borrowed from father turned into billions.  HRC’s dad was small business man – but she wasn’t.

Trump: Corrected the record, he turned small loan into billions.  Other countries (Mexico) have different tax structure (we are taxed on VAT for imports, they are not in exports)

sked HRC if “Secretary” was her proper title – nice move

Yeah! Trump cut off Lester.

Trump answers the how by taxing the imports.

Clinton: Running on Obama record, and tried to imply Trump opportunistic (business). She falsely claimed we are back. She is throwing out silly numbers and threats.  Inside experts claim her insider plans are better.  Climate Change??  Clinton made first mistake – trying to get her base back from Bernie! Building in “progress”?

Trump: Solar panel investment a loser (and it is).  Clinton cannot do what she wants given Obama’s 230 years of national debt in 8 years (another good use of statistics).  Give companies incentives to invest (Michigan & Ohio).  For 30 years you are just now thinking of this?

Clinton: Thinking about it  (Trump: for years 30 years,  but Bill did NAFTA).  She is losing the anti-TPP voters. Trade is only part of it.  HRC: We need Special Prosecutor (I guess they get the jobs).

Trump has her rattled in the first segment. Checkmate on global trade (NAFTA to TPP).

Clinton: Low blow insult is unprofessional.

First round -> Trump

End Update

OK, let’s get ready to blog a debate.  This could be (and should be) the most watched debate in history. So sit back and enjoy the opportunity to “Live in Interesting Times“.

The Bill Clinton & Melania Trump handshake looked tense – inside vs outside!

Back at 9:05 PM Easter

9:03 PM Eastern: Forgot to account for the network lead ins. Will try first post at 9:10 (get some answers). During debate I may lag in time as I do need a break once and a while!


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