Oct 11 2013

Now Dems Understand Why GOP Will Not Blink On Shutdown

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Obama and Democrats arrogantly assumed the GOP would buckle under pressure during the Shutdown, and cave the the left!

A seriously naive and arrogant assumption.

And a politically deadly one.

The Democrats and Left learned nothing from their drubbing in 2010, which was a small version of “kick the bums out” we see arising now. First off, in 2010 the Dems got hit much harder than the GOP because when government screws up – or screws with Main Street as with Obama’s Shutdown Theater  – those who back government are rightfully tagged with the source of the problems!

Throw the bums out.

That’s the message 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, saying if they had the chance to vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including their own representative, they would. Just 35 percent say they would not.

The GOP, on the other hand, has a serious Libertarian/Tea Party component that wants to reign in wasteful, spiteful and incompetent government. This group is what is giving the Democrats heart burn – and has the Dem Senate so spun up they are spouting some of the dumbest rhetoric ever heard, exposing their blind, liberal stubbornness when it comes to bloated government.

The GOP would only take huge losses – first through primary challenges that would deploy a lot of inexperienced candidates (as we saw in 2010 in the Senate) – IF they gave into the Democrats. Certain electoral death faces the GOP if they crumble again.

The result inside the GOP would then be EVEN MORE Libertarian/Tea Party forces coming into their caucus. Basically, there is no way to stop the rising tide of frustration with government run amok.

The numbers reflect the highest dissatisfaction with the nation’s two political parties since Gallup first asked the question 10 years ago. Just 26% of respondents believe the Democratic and Republican parties adequately represent Americans.

Those polled that identified as Republicans and Democrats were equal in their view that a third party is needed, 52 percent and 49 percent respectively.

However, the GOP can – as Anne Coulter noted – transition into  the champions of the emerging Libertarian/Tea Party forces in the nation, and avoid electoral massacre. If you cannot stop the tide, ride it! As Ed Morrissey notes, this tide is being driven by Independents – who actually select with polarized party gets a shot at leading this country:

It’s no big surprise to see independents leading this push.  In the ten years of polling on this question, there has always been a majority of independents who want a third party.

Can you blame voters after decades of kicking the can down the road and protecting those in office at all costs? Sadly Ed misses the point – the 3rd party will arise from one of the two big parties. One will be taken over and transformed. We The People are fed up with excuses. And since the only party in line with the Libertarian drive in the country is the GOP – it will be the one to transform.

If this “throw the bums out” fire is still burning next fall (and I fail to see anything to douse it, since ObamaCare’s sticker shock and incompetence is guaranteed to stoke those fires all year), the GOP members who stood firm on the deficit, debt, government overreach and ObamaCare will be spared. In addition, those who spend this coming year holding hearings on Obama’s Shutdown Theater Gestapo tactics will also be spared.

The anti-big-government rising tide will not spare the Democrats. It cannot. They are one in the same thing (big government = Democrats). For the GOP to avoid the wrath of the voters, they simply need to stand their ground and let the Libertarian/Tea Party forces protect them at the voting booth.

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  1. dhunter says:

    The Repunks are trying desperately to save the Democrat party by DELAYING Obamacare. Interestingly the Rats are too invested in the miserable failure to jump in the Republican life raft.
    Hopefully this will not change, BUT I am not optimistic. Two more weeks of screeching from the Occupooper base and the Lyin kINgs approval numbers dropping and the save he Democrats delay until after the next election will be a reality.
    Let the Obamabots feel the pain of their votes and the rats will be toast in Nov 14, delay it and they will spin it as a good deal getting better.

  2. Frogg1 says:

    Some headlines today say the GOP is blinking with their short term deal to extend debt limit and continuing resolution for six weeks. However, for me it depends on just where we are at the end of that six weeks. If there is real reform and spending cuts, plus whatever they can get on Obamacare (it won’t be defund or full delay) then it may be a good thing. However, if in six weeks we are simply back to a debt limit crisis and another government shutdown (wouldn’t the Democrats love that)…..then it would be time to demand some new leadership. Enough is enough of this crazy cycle.

  3. Frogg1 says:

    As to the other aspect, I agree with AJ. 60% want all of Congress fired. That’s been happening to the GOP through the primary process. Can anyone name any Democrats that have been primaried?

  4. Frogg1 says:

    Peter King and John McCain reminded me about something else I read today…..

    Peter King says supporters of Obamacare should thank Ted Cruz cuz he’s their biggest ally


    McCain asked about Obama denying death benefits to military families, BLAMES TED CRUZ

    Pretty vile attacks on their own party isn’t it? Who needs Harry Reid? The GOP establishment sabotage themselves.

    Anyway, Legal Insurrection blog cited a link to a new study by The Frontier Lab that sheds light on why Republicans won’t call themselves Republican (and disassociate with the party). There were four main reasons. One of them has to do with “betrayal” in the form of a Republican attacking another Republican:

    “Individuals clearly observed slights to candidates they supported as slights (or worse) to themselves individually. The implications are clear: GOP officials who ridicule or undermine candidates they perceive to be deficient are doing more than internal maneuvering. They are actively promoting the pathway to disaffiliation by some in the Republican community.”

    The conclusion of the report:

    “The resulting patterns, consolidated into four core insights, reveal that disaffiliation from the Republican label is not only, or even primarily, a matter of philosophical differences. Rather, the perception of former Republican adherents that their party has personally attacked them, continued to present choices as a “lesser of two evils,” select candidates and principles unpalatable to voters to the point where they retain “no hope,” and failed to provide the sense of community that other outlets like talk radio and the Tea Party provide, reveal that ideology takes a back burner to what is essentially a hollow brand for those disaffiliating.”

    The link to the whole report can be found in Legal Insurrections post:

    New study sheds light on why Republicans won’t call themselves Republican