Oct 07 2013

Where Is The GOP PR Machine?

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Major Update: When exposed to the public, the Barrycades come crashing down like some form of “evil from the night“:

After being taken down, officially because of the government shutdown, the federal website dealing with alerts about abducted children – AmberAlert.gov – was restored Monday morning.

It was not clear as to why it would cost less to change the website’s appearance than to just keep it the way it was.

In any case, after some negative publicity over the weekend and concern by many members of the public that the whole system was down, the Justice Department reversed course and restored the AmberAlert.gov website.

As would be guessed, the Barrycades are afraid of a little sunshine on them! – end update

Where oh where is the GOP media machine? Now that Obama and the NPS has given them so much damn ammunition to win the PR battle why is it all we hear and see is crickets?

When Obama Barrycaded Tot Lots to protect them from toddlers – where were the camera, ads and sound overs? Note: this was reported (but buried in the middle of the story) by the Washington Post so it has a great source!

When Obama Barrycaded the WWII Memorial, where is the 30 second ad of disgust? There is some amazing home-grown political art out there to tap! Why the silence?

When Obama Barrycaded a privately owned Inn open for business, even though the Federal Highway it sits off of was OPEN, where the GOP spinmeisters?

Update: This is what the GOP should be doing:

National Park Rangers shut down a family-owned and fully-booked inn along a lonely North Carolina highway on Saturday, driving customers away during the peak tourist season.

In response, the rangers blocked the inn with patrol cars and told customers and told customers who had booked reservations months in advance that the “government was closed,” according to USAToday. They also forced 35 of O’Connell’s 100 employees out of their homes and off the federally-leased lands.

“It’s about the visitors. It’s about the staff and employees who are now having to move off the mountain — they live here — with no notice. They have no jobs. That’s the concern,” said O’Connell of his newly homeless, jobless workers.

Obama’s new jobs program in action – end update

When Obama evicted an elderly couple from the home of 40 years on Lake Mead  – where is the damn outrage? Why is this  not on TV 24 by 7?

Even Faux News is barely covering these stories, and so balanced the stories are bland. Where is the GOP PR Media Machine? Was it Shutdown too? Stop playing nice and start playing to win.

Update: And pretending to close down web pages like the Amber Alert page (when we all know the servers and SW are still operating with support)?

Instead of showing critical missing children bulletins, the federal Amber Alert website on Sunday displayed a sparse, white screen with a simple message: It’s a victim of the government shutdown.

The website normally displays urgent alerts from across the nation about the most at-risk missing children, helping to connect citizens and law enforcement across all participating jurisdictions.

BS! The victims are the children abducted (and I guess now would be a good time if had such evil intentions). Funding for the public safety IS ALLOWED under the rules of the shutdown. BTW, that news article is from NBC.

Come on GOP, get your PR game on!

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4 Responses to “Where Is The GOP PR Machine?”

  1. dhunter says:

    They really don’t want to win. The RINOs were drug kicking and screaming to this battle as evidenced by Karl Rove, Krauthammer et all calling it unwinnable. They by God are going to prove that to be true. This is nothing more than a fund raising opportunity for both sides to beg for cash from their bases.
    Throw the bums out!
    All who have been there over two terms. Force Term limits, take away their lifetime pensions and healthcare and subject them to the same laws Martha Stewart has to live with!

  2. patrioticduo says:

    You’re making the assumption that the GOP is a party in opposition to the Democrat’s. But I would argue that is a false assumption. The GOP is just the right wing of the Party of Statism. Both sides are playing for the same team. The loser isn’t even able to play in the game because the game has been rigged to keep the loser out. The GOP only has to appear to be opposing the statist agenda. So that people (like you?) keep voting for them based on a false hope based on a false assumption. The two party system, slowly but surely, destroys republican democratic nations. The only two questions that need to be asked is: how long will this experiment last and what will the system look like that replaces it? Is it that bad? Time will tell.

  3. WWS says:

    The GOP is in a civil war between the Karl Rove & Jon McCain Washington Party and the Ted Cruz, rest of the country Party.

    Karl Rove, John McCain, and all of the major GOP bigwigs are on Obama’s side, and are hoping that they can humiliate Ted Cruz into shutting up, because he is embarrassing them all by trying to actually do something other than hang out at Washington bars collecting fat paychecks for doing nothing.

    Before the Democrats can fall, the GOP has to fall, first, and be rebuilt from the ashes. Maybe the entire country does.

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