May 20 2006

No War In Iraq

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The media, left and right, need to get over calling what is going on in Iraq ‘a war’. We are not in a war with Iraq. The fighting with the nation of Iraq ended years ago, but I can understand people holding their breathe and waiting until the democratic process had been tested and a permanent government seated. But now that this has also happened (and much faster than in the Balkans):

In a show of hands, the 275-member parliament approved each of the 39 Cabinet ministers proposed by incoming Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The new Shiite Muslim, Sunni Arab and Kurdish ministers then took their oaths of office during the nationally televised session in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone.

The installation, coming after months of political wrangling following Dec. 15 parliamentary elections, completed a democratic process that began after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

Of course the media had to report on recent attacks to attempt to extend the idea we are at war. But we are not, by any definition of the world. Just like we are not at war with the Phillipines, even though they too have a blood thirsty insurgency. Or any other country which is battling thugs and which we have normal, supportive relations with.

The Sunni insurgency is also over, as evidenced by the fact the Sunni contigent, by and large, voted in the government with one small protest walk out:

Al-Maliki, a Shiite, said he would be acting interior minister for now, and he made Salam Zikam al-Zubaie, a Sunni Arab, the temporary defense minister. Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh, a Kurd, was made acting minister for national security.

Al-Maliki hopes to fill all three posts with politicians who are independent and have no affiliation with any of Iraq’s militias.

It was apparent how tough that will be. Before the Cabinet was approved and inaugurated by parliament, legislators turned down a motion by Sunni Arab leader Saleh al-Mutlaq to postpone the session. Al-Mutlaq then walked out with about 10 other Sunni deputies.

Yes, they have work to do. But we are not at war with Iraq or Iraqis. They are an ally. And there is not civil war there – anymore than there is one in Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Egypt. These countries also have Islamo-fascist insurgents bombing innocent people. Maybe some day the media can get over its obsession. And maybe someday Mad Murtha and the rest of the left will realize it is too late to surrender in Iraq. We won. Now we need to not preserve the victory, but the peace with Iraqis by standing by them.

Addendum:  I meant to link to last week to Gateway Pundit’s post on 200 Iraqi tribal leaders coming together to ban violence and terrorism:

Over 200 Iraqi tribal leaders will meet in Baghdad on Wednesday may 10th to sign an honor compact to denounce and reject terrorism and sectarian violence.

Tribal leaders announced they will meet in Khademiah Baghdad on Wednesday May 10th at a conference. This conference will result in an honor compact obliging Iraqi tribes to cooperate amongst each other and the authorities to protect their members from terrorist attacks, and to help with national unity and condemning sectarian violence.

Given today’s events, this geat news should be seen in the light of what it can lead to.

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  1. smh1012 says:

    AJ: In watching the news this morning on Fox, it is the same old song and dance….”The meeting got off to a rocky start…started two hours late etc. This all coming from the reporter stationed in Iraq. What a shame that the press cannot seem to grasp the historical meaning of the events in Iraq.

    That is wrong, cannot grasp are not the right words, have no desire to would probably be more appropriate.

    Regarding your other posting this morning, you are absolutely correct. I believe the administration needs to get out in front of this and make it clear that Iraq is an ally in the WOT and not a country to be feared by Americans.