Sep 14 2011

Democrat’s Now Paying For Their Mistakes

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In 2008 Democrats blew into DC ready to show the world how their visions of heavy handed and bloated government can solve any and all problems. After all, at the core of all their positions and planks squats their benevolent God “Government”. Can’t buy a home, the liberals will make home values worthless so anyone can. Can’t get health insurance? Liberals will make health services so poor and limited anyone can get crappy insurance from the government. Can’t find a job? Government will keep pulling money out of the job-creating private sector and wasting it on stupid projects, and instead give you unemployment for life (the deadest of dead ends).

That is what President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid brought us. And then the American voter started kicking them out of power. First in small but dramatic fashion in the Governor races in VA and NJ in 2009, then in the MA Senate special election in January 2010, and then in a historic blowout that dumped Democrats all up and down the local, state and federal tiers of government in November 2010.

If anyone believed that tide of anger has subsided, the two special elections held yesterday prove the anti-government fervor outside the beltway is still red hot and toxic to Donkeys of all stripes:

The Democratic Party’s rare lossof a congressional seat in its urban heartland Tuesday, accompanied by a blowout defeat in a Nevada special election, marked the latest in a string of demoralizing setbacks that threatened to deepen the party’s crisis of confidence and raise concerns about President Barack Obama’s political fortunes.

Even before the polls closed, the recriminations – something short of panic, and considerably more than mere grumbling – had begun. On a high-level campaign conference call Tuesday afternoon, Democratic donors and strategists commiserated over their disappointment in Obama. A source on the call described the mood as “awful.”

“People feel betrayed, disappointed, furious, disgusted, hopeless,” said the source.

If the Dems are feeling a bit shell shocked (finally, most people would have clued in well before now) the independents are feeling empowered and justified. They know now that once they, as a voting block, tip one way or the other both parties have to listen – even the winners. The mistake the Dems made after the 2008 election was not listening, thus all their deadly mistakes. The vote for change in 2008 was not FOR liberal nonsense. It was for a low-profile approach to our nation’s security problems. An itch that was not scratched one iota by team Obama, who has expanded our war on terrorism into Libya, and backed rebels who are (compared to US standards) no better than the old Qadaffi regime.

But much wore is yet to come. The Dems are now facing a major scandal involving lining the pockets of their contributors with hard earned tax payer money:

Newly uncovered emails show the White House closely monitored the Energy Department’s deliberations over a $535 million government loan to Solyndra, the politically-connected solar energy firm that recently went bankrupt and is now the subject of a criminal investigation.

The company’s solar panel factory was heralded as a centerpiece of the president’s green energy plan — billed as a way to jump start a promising new industry.

All other industries in America have been decimated under liberal mismanagement, with the one exception of the mythical ‘green’ jobs (who are close cousins to those ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure jobs we heard so much about). That is because this industry was handed billions in tax payer money – in this case to a major democrat money man who makes all those silly conspiracy theories about the GOP being the party of rich patrons a sad joke. The White House applied obvious and clear pressure on the selection process – just by being their constantly watching. I can tell you from first hand experience, when congressional or white house reps show up, the bureaucrats start groveling and genuflecting and looking for any window to show they can obtain the goods – which of course can lead to lucrative and ego bloating promotions.

So remember that when you read these other bits of damning evidence of White House ‘monitoring’:

… the Obama administration was keenly monitoring the progress of the loan, even as analysts were voicing serious concerns about the risk involved. “This deal is NOT ready for prime time,” one White House budget analyst wrote in a March 10, 2009 email, nine days before the administration formally announced the loan.

So the White House even had pockets of concern, over ridden by higher ups who pushed to keep the calendar for the President’s photo ops. Think this WH staffer is going commit perjury over this?

“If you guys think this is a bad idea, I need to unwind the W[est] W[ing] QUICKLY,” wrote Ronald A. Klain, who was chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, in another email sent March 7, 2009. The “West Wing” is the portion of the White House complex that holds the offices of the president and his top staffers. Klain declined comment to ABC News.

No one will raise a single objection when the desire to make it happen (usually at any cost) has been made clear form on high. Klain is going to be an interesting character in this drama, with his name out here in the open. The email indicates clear and rapid communication channels between the clearly dodgy ‘selection’ process and what benefits the selectees would get (and these guys got the best of the best of the best deal).

Also note the dates – just prior to the big announcement. It seems political cronies won out over due process and fairness. So now the US Taxpayer has to bail these liberal cronies out of their financial hole. No one is bailing out Main Street, they just keep robbing us blind and pretending to play God.

Time to end this nonsense and shrink government down to the BARE MINIMUM.

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  1. joe six-pack says:

    I had called my state representative and both of my senate representatives for the first time ever. I told them that I was in my 50’s and had NEVER taken any political action, nor had I EVER sent any money to ANY political campaign. “From what I have been reading and seeing on the news, this Health Care bill is NOT popular enough to pass. If you go ahead and pass this bill, I will become active. I will send money to defeat you and those who voted for it. I figure that I am not alone.”

    And this REALLY burns!

    “We have to pass this bill so that YOU can find out what is in it.”

    The backlash from this is not finished, by a long shot.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Solyndra is not the last green job loan guarantee that will go bad there are more in the wings.

    Yet the Dept of Energy just approved another 1.2 billion loan guarantee for a California solar project.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    The U.S. Energy Department hopes that a new solar energy project will result in about 900 construction and permanent operations jobs.

    Energy Secretary Steven Chu said today that his department had finalized a $1.2-billion loan guarantee to Mojave Solar for the development of the Mojave Solar Project. When complete, the 250-megawatt solar generation project in San Bernardino County will increase the nation’s currently installed concentrating solar power capacity by approximately 50%.

    Abengoa Solar Inc., the project sponsor, is the source of the estimate on construction and permanent operations jobs.

  4. kathie says:

    Even the media can’t cover for this President anymore. The chickens have come home to roost Mr. Obama and it is you, all you Mr. Obama. Look at what you’ve done Mr. Obama, it is not pretty!

  5. WWS says:

    Mojave Solar is going to build a 1000 MW solar plant for a total cost of about $6 billion. It’s supporters are crowing about what a great investment this is.

    For that same $6 Billion investment, at current prices, you could build 80,000 MW of natural gas fired plants.

    80,000 MW.


    A 1000 MW nat gas generater currently costs about $75 million to build. $75 million vs $6 billion, for the same output. Oh, but the sun is free! Yeah, but with the money you save on the construction you can buy fuel for the next 100 years or more.

    What a deal.

  6. dbostan says:

    I work in Silicon Valley, in high tech, and I know a lot of people, even in very high positions, who are completely pissed at Obama.
    While many good companies, with good technology can not get funding, this commie crap of “green jobs” racks billions and billions.
    And when Silicon Valley is turning on you you know you have a problem…

  7. ivehadit says:

    Have you all read John Drew’s article at American Thinker today?
    If so, you are not surprised at ANY of obama’s actions…and his gleeful delight at OUR misfortunes….caused by him…and his cohorts.

    Imho, they are thrilled at the ECONOMIC destruction they are causing. It IS their gameplan, imho.

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America”….

  8. oneal lane says:

    We are at an interesting crossroads.

    The Democrats are now stuck with not only a “lame duck” but and Albotross. Democrats “have to dance” with Obama at the next presidential election. He cannot be removed in any ordinary sense. Any measure to oust him by the party will result in permanent disaffection by the black population, a pivital voting block. If Hillary runs in his place, blacks will stay at home. So as it seems, if current polling is accurate and durable, that the Democrats will loose.

    How will they save the day…..

    Perhaps Donald Trumps ego can be ramped up enough to induce him to run in a third party, split the vote, and Obama remains in office.

  9. kathie says:

    Everybody should read this at INSTAPUNDIT.COM

    PETER WEHNER: A Presidency In Collapse: Has Obama Learned Anything? Nope, and he hasn’t forgotten anything.

  10. mbabbitt says:

    Remember; transparency, posting bills up 5 days before being voted, integrity? All now jokes for late night comedians.

  11. dhunter says:

    I take a small exception to the title.


    It is who they have been for a long time, they only hid it.
    For those clamoring for Hillary just remember that Hillary was an Alinsky disciple before Obama ever was and she tried the Healthscare thing before him. She would only further his worst plans.
    The object is to overwhelm the system thus they pay no taxes, ignore judges orders, hide their billing records, hide from their Anti-American votes and bills. This is all Democrat destruction with no Republican votes received. Ben Nelson Traitor D NE is campaigning now, do not be fooled NE. Traitor Ben voted for Obamacare, for public funding of abortion, for a takeover of 1/6 th of the economy by government, for taking away Medicare Advantage and giving it to AARP, for CUTTING 500 billion from Medicare.

  12. dbostan says:

    It was clear for the thinking person, for along time (approx. 40-50 years), that the democrat party has been taken over by the communist/socialist/”progressive” party, hence the name I gave them: DEMSHEVIKS.
    The problem is that the average American allowed himself/herself to be blinded by them, because they want to get “free” stuff.
    This is the real problem, and it will take a lot of education and work to track back from this sorry state.
    But the pain of socialism being implemented will give us a break.
    This is the only positive aspect of the Obama admin.: the lesson it taught the Americans.

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