Mar 11 2006

Al Qaeda Purge In Iraq

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While we in the US shudder at the thought of rubbing shoulders with Arab businesses, the war on terror is being won in the real danger zone by our military, intelligence, and Arab allies (old and brand spanking new):

Insurgent groups in one of Iraq’s most violent provinces claim that they have purged the region of three quarters of al-Qa’eda’s supporters after forming an alliance to force out the foreign fighters.

If true, it would mark a significant victory in the fight against Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of al-Qa’eda in Iraq, and could partly explain the considerable drop in suicide bombings in Iraq recently.

“We have killed a number of the Arabs, including Saudis, Egyptians, Syrians, Kuwaitis and Jordanians,” said an insurgent representative in the western province of Anbar.

The claims were partly supported by the defence ministry, which said it had evidence that Zarqawi and his followers were fleeing Anbar to cities and mountains near the Iranian border.

In reaction, the insurgent groups formed their own anti-al-Qa’eda militia, the Anbar Revolutionaries. The group has a core membership of 100 people, all of whom had relatives killed by al-Qa’eda. It is led by Ahmed Ftaikhan, a former Saddam-era military intelligence officer.

It claims to have killed 20 foreign fighters and 33 Iraqi sympathisers. Many more are said to have fled. The United States has confirmed that six of Zarqawi’s deputies were killed in Ramadi.

We have them on the run, or should I say the Sunni Iraqis have them on the run!

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  1. Snapple says:

    A Lt Col and author named Ralph Peters also says that Iraqis are forcing out/killing the foreign fighters.

    He says they hate Zarqawi. (FOX)