Mar 08 2006

Two Plus Two

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I posted a while ago that the defining issue for the 2006 elections will be impeachment (here, here and here). This strong grass roots movement will grow stronger ovger time and will only be to the detriment of the Democrats. After Alito and the NSA losses, the liberal base is getting more and more frustrated and angry. In many cases impeachment is the mildest solution these folks are considering.

Every Democrat will be challenged by their base to take a stand: will the Democrat candidate move to impeach Bush and Cheney if elected? The leftward base is not going to put up with anymore code words and inuendo. They will demand candidates openly pay allegiance to impeachment – or else will sit this out or go to far left parties.

This radicalization of the left from unctrollable anger and frustration will be the reason 2006 will not be a rerun of 1994.  In 1994 we saw the last gasp of liberal policies and the threatened take over of our healthcare system by the government.  We saw tax hikes instead of spending cuts.  The Reps road the wave of frustration by promising cool headed, reasonable conservative policies which had been debated for years.  There was no radicalization, and there was not a lot of hate.

The liberal base is nowhere near as mature in their response to minority status.  They are almost daring the citizens of this country to not impeach, so they can take up arms and start the second revolution!  When the impeachment litmus test comes out – and it will come out – it will be the end of the Democrats’ hopes for 2006.

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  1. Retired Spook says:

    They are almost daring the citizens of this country to not impeach, so they can take up arms and start the second revolution!

    I realize this is probably a rhetorical statement, AJ, but on the outside chance that it isn’t, I have to ask the obvious question. Where are they going to get the guns necessary for a revolution? Every Lefty I know that’s kooky enough to resort to violence has an innate hatred of firearms.

    Here’s what a Blogger friend of mine said recently in comparing today’s young leftist radicals with their counterparts in the 60’s and early 70’s:

    I happen to believe that those revolutionaries back then were much more highly motivated to cause change – violent change – than this rag-tag bunch of whiners we see now. Here in Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri, we are treated to nightly displays of demonstrations and sign wavers with signs like “impeach Bush” and “Troops Out Now” and even nuttier ones on our street corners. But as the sun goes down and the chill gets into the air, these “concerned citizens” retire to the warmth and comfort of the nearest Starbucks where they speak in sentences sprinkled with “like” and “totally” and all of which end with that annoying rising tone of a question when there is no question being asked.

    Then they hop into their parent-provided, late-model vehicles, retire to the frat houses and dorms, study for the test tomorrow or drink themselves silly. These are not serious people and are rather comical to watch.

    I think he’s right on the money.

  2. sammy small says:

    The Left has seen rebuke after rebukes over the past few years. I think pushing for impeachment will be their last gasp for some shred of salvation. Their strategy seems to be “If we build it up, they will come”. Unfortunately, events haven’t helped bring about the crescendo that the Left/Dems would have hoped for. It will be another grand failure.

    Where they will go from there is the big unknown.

  3. Decision '08 says:

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  4. MerryJ1 says:

    A few days ago, NewsMax carried an “alert” about a planned leftist confrontation and takeover of the White House. According to the little of it that I skimmed over, Michael Moore has joined Kos in the cheering section (I guess that means they want other leftists to do the actual toe-to-toe confronting while they cheer ’em on).

    The call, apparently, is for all malcontents to show up on March 15 to storm the place, physically put all Administration members and staffers outside the gates, and take control of governing until some kind of ‘interim election’ puts a new government in charge.

    If the report is accurate, and the Big Plan is attempted, it could prove interesting. As alluded to by an above comment, “Okay, but don’t they realize, WE’RE the ones with the guns?”

    Our very own Ides of March. Heh. I think I’ll get my old popcorn popper out and ready, just in case.

    Merry Whitney

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