Dec 09 2009

Imagine TSA Was Your Health Care Provider

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The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) just had one of those ‘bureaucracy moments”. You know, where the safety of lifetime job tenure allows a team of so called professionals to bungle something out of lazy incompetence. Somebody let all the security screening secrets out on the world wide web (they don’t call it www for nothing):

In a massive security breach, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) inadvertently posted on-line its entire airport screening procedures manual, including some of the most closely guarded secrets regarding special rules for diplomats and CIA and law enforcement officers.”

The document shows sample CIA, Congressional and law enforcement credentials which experts say would make it easy for terrorists to duplicate.

Read the whole thing. What may have happened is some lazy midlevel bureaucrat gave incomplete instructions to someone brand new regarding loading the manual on the internal secure servers and the person accidentally placed it on the public side. Being the holiday season when lots of federal employees are on the ‘use it, or lose it’ vacation time watch things like this can happen.

And this is who Congress is proposing for our health care service provider? No thanks, the feds have enough on their plate right now. Too much in fact.

Update: Ed Morrissey has more over at Hot Air

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